Joe Faris for North Beach Leather

At its peak during the late 80’s and early 90’s, North Beach Leather was the largest privately owned leather company in the United States. Made famous by its owner and designer, Michael Hoban who came up with elaborate concepts and shaped them into leather, selling his brand to such customers as John Lennon, Elvis Presley. North Beach was also know for great leather dress offered in bright colors as showcased in their famous ads that included the Super Models of the day Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The relaunch of North

Beach marks a new beginning and a new chapter in the history of this legendary brand, the leather dress is back and so is North Beach Leather.

The combination of Joe Faris and North Beach was a match made in leather heaven. Joe has work with leather for almost 20 years developing, designing and creating remarkable leather garments is one of Joe’s fortes. The fact that Joe also had an affinity to the brand, since the brand was an inspiration while growing up, also help with Joe’s commitment to bring the brand back after almost 10 years. Having
reverence for the elements that made the brand famous is what Joe has done in this twenty-first-century version of the collection
while at the same time this is classic old school North Beach.